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Here you will find the information on currently available Maine Coon kittens. Do check back as we update this page often. For each kitten you find here the information about the kitten such as sex, DOB, and color, as well as information about kitten’s parents. Please contact us directly with further questions by filling out the form on our Contact page.

Some important notes: All of the prices indicated on this page are for kittens sold as pets. All kittens, boys, and girls, sold as pets leave our cattery neutered (no exceptions!).

Breeding rights: breeding rights can be purchased for the kittens that are of a breed quality for an additional price and should be discussed directly with us.

Please see more pricing and shipping information at the bottom of this page

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Our kitten prices

You can see that prices vary depending on a particular maine coon kitten. We determine our kitten prices based on the following factors: exclusivity of type: breed, show or pet quality, and also the exclusivity of color.

Note: Our kittens leave our cattery to you only once the price for the kitten is paid in full (no exceptions!).

What is included in the price

All of our kittens leave our cattery to travel to their forever-home fully vaccinated, certified free of diseases and parasites, genetically screened, micro-chipped, and registered with Our kittens arrive to you with full papers including vaccination and pedigree records.


Shipping costs are not included in the price of the kitten. Shipping costs will depend on where you live. We will assist you fully with arranging the shipment of your kittens and we work with trusted dedicated shipping agents. Our kittens live all around the world and fly to you from Russia internationally only with specialized animal cargo service that guarantees proper handling, temperature, and ventilation. Currently to ship one cat from Russia to the US costs around $900 to $1100 depending on the exact destination. These shipping costs quoted here are an example and are not guaranteed until the travel is booked.

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